Six Foot Bay Resort and Golf Course

  • We have a new breakfast and lunch/dinner menu! Be sure to visit our Dining page to learn about our restaurant which is open to not just golfers and guests of Six Foot Bay, but to the public! Our restaurant is just another of the hidden gems we offer the Buckhorn area.

  • We have a new Facebook Page! Be sure to LIKE the page so that you can be kept up-to-date on our latest social media postings.

  • Recently we completed our beautiful new "Adults Only" quiet pool that is located next to the pool bar (with pool side service) and a stunning view overlooking the 18th green.

  • For the 2017 season we renovated our restaurant kitchen to improve and optimize order prep and delivery. Remember our restaurant/bar is open to not only every guest of Six Foot Bay but the general public as well! Yummy!

  • Also for 2017, we have the construction of several new lots along the 18th green, overlooking the inland lake with partial Buckhorn Lake views. These sites will be oversized and are designated for custom order double wide General Coach cottage units, specifically made for Six Foot Bay Resort! Inquiries should be made with Garry Hall Jr.

Buckhorn Events